Structural Steel

Structural Steel

At Watkins Steel, our qualified tradespeople are experts in the fabrication and erection of structural steel. As one of Brisbane’s only steel fabrication companies to offer comprehensive drafting, fabrication, and installation solutions, we can look after construction projects involving structural steel from beginning to end. Over the years, we have completed structural steel work across residential, commercial, government, infrastructure, and mining sectors.

At Watkins Steel, we have the capability to fabricate and install a variety of structural steel items, which include:

  • Columns & Mullions
  • Droppers & Hangers
  • Roof Beams & Rafters
  • Floor Beams & Struts
  • Raking Angles & Wind Beams
  • Window Head & Sill Beams
  • Ceiling Beams & Outriggers
  • Ceiling Joists & Floor Joists
  • Wall Bracing & Roof Bracing
  • Roof Purlins, Girts & Bridging

Watkins Steel- Home of the Voortman V808 Coping Machine

Specialising in small structural steel, we use advanced robotic equipment to ensure that steel is fabricated to an accuracy of +/- 1mm accuracy over 12 metres. The Voortman V808 Coping Machine also allows for mark out of all four sides of a steel structure. The benefit of this technology is that model-based information from Tekla Structures 3D Software can be imported directly to the Voortman machine for processing and fabrication.

This process ensures the consistent, reliable and accurate transfer of information between the shop drawing and fabrication process. In addition, the quality of structural steel is improved as rectification work is significantly reduced with the precision of plasma cutting.