Toowong Bus Depot

Toowong Bus Depot

Watkins Steel was contracted by Premis Solutions to design, construct, and install 6.2 tonnes of steelwork for a maintenance platform at the Toowong Bus Depot. The job required a mezzanine platform with handrails to be installed, enabling fleet maintenance to be performed by Council workers. Designing and installing a tight-fitting maintenance platform meant there was no margin for error. In addition, there was the added complication of having to factor the bus into the drafting plans.

To overcome this challenge, Watkins Steel placed the bus in situ on the maintenance lance, and scanned the site with the Faro Focus 3D x 130 Laser Scanner. The scans were used to create a 3D point cloud model of the site with exact measurements. The in-house drafting team then used Tekla Structures 3D modelling Software to create detailed shop drawings that were imported into the point cloud model to check for any clashes and verify the fit of the platform to the bus in the 3D model. Following this, the 3D Tekla model was fed into the Voortman V808 Coping Machine to cut the beams, then line-mark and cut all holes as per the plans. In parallel to the fabrication phase, the Watkins team returned to site using the Trimble RTS773 Total Station (with completed Tekla model loaded into its software) to perform a mark out that showed all the holes for the anchor bolts where the steelwork was to be mounted. This process reduced fabrication time by nearly half and ensured that no rectification work was required for the platform.

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Project Description

Client: Premis Solutions Pty Ltd
Location: Brisbane City Council, Toowong Bus Depot
Year Completed: June 2015