Introducing…Microsoft HoloLens at Watkins Steel

Microsoft Hololens

Introducing…Microsoft HoloLens at Watkins Steel

Watkins Steel has invested in the Microsoft HoloLens – an amazing piece of new technology that allows you to view and interact with 3D models using mixed reality.

In collaboration with SketchUp Viewer the Microsoft HoloLens allows you to view and interact with our 3D Tekla Models OFF the desktop.

The Watkins Steel team has been busy learning and experimenting with the HoloLens to explore the best applications for its use.

The introduction of the Microsoft HoloLens as part of our Watkins Steel Four-Step Linked Process will be extremely beneficial towards improving the communication and collaboration process among project stakeholders. With the Microsoft HoloLens you can alter the model, scale it down, or do a life-size walkthrough – improving accuracy, communication and collaboration at every stage of the project.

3D Tekla Model on Microsoft HoloLens

After just three months the team has experimented with the HoloLens in the factory – overlaying models to steelwork to see if it can be used for Quality Assurance.  Check out the video below to see what we have done so far (Link – goo.gl/ndeiWK)


It is hoped that we will be able to utilise the HoloLens on site and eventually as part of the fabrication process.

WATCH this space for more information on how we integrate the HoloLens within our current processes.

The use of the Microsoft HoloLens is sure to make your project a success in collaboration with the Watkins Steel Four-Step Linked Process.  



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