Second Line of Automated Robotics

New Line of Robotics

Second Line of Automated Robotics

Our second line of automated robotics is here! 

We have just finished installation of the Voortman V630 Drilling Machine and VB1050 Sawing System, which will automatically mark, drill & saw steel.

The new robotics runs the entire length of the factory, at 75 metres long, before connecting to our existing Voortman V808 Coping Machine.

We will be processing steel automatically through all three machines. Combining the benefits of speed & versatility from the V630/VB1050 with the precision and abilities of our current Voortman V808 Coping Machine.

We are excited to be able to take on more processing jobs. The introduction of the new robotics is expected to reduce man hours by a further 250-300, giving us the ability to increase our workload & reduce lead time.

Check out our time-lapse of the process, which took around 3 weeks.

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