Voortman Spotlight Project: Toowong Bus Depot

Tekla Steel Detailing Toowong Bus Depot

Voortman Spotlight Project: Toowong Bus Depot

“Based in Brisbane, Australia, family-owned steel fabrication company Watkins Steel realized the design and install of the Toowong bus depot maintenance platform. This construction stands out because the tight fitting platform offered no margins for error. The site measurement was done with a Faro Focus 3D X 130 Laser Scanner that digitally recreated a 3D ‘point cloud’ model of the site – guaranteeing 100% accuracy. Following this, Tekla Structures 3D modelling software was used to create a constructible model that could be imported into the 3D ‘point cloud’ model. Finally, the Voortman V808 processed the steel. Watkins Steel chose this machine because it works straight off the Tekla models and cuts every 3D shape. Moreover, the Voortman V808 reduced fabrication time by nearly half.”

Source: Voortman


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