Watkins Steel at the 2016 Trimble Dimensions User Conference

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Watkins Steel at the 2016 Trimble Dimensions User Conference

In early November two of our Watkins Steel team members attended the 2016 Trimble Dimensions User Conference.

Held at the amazing Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, the three-day conference was designed for Trimble users to learn, collaborate and network with industry peers.

Representing Watkins Steel amongst 4,400 registered attendees across 80 countries, Ben Yu- BIM Manager/Project Manager- and Andy Irwin– Senior Structural Steel Draftsman- were selected as speakers at one of the educational sessions held.

Ben and Andy showcased the Watkins Steel Four Stage Linked Process explaining how Watkins Steel developed an end-to-end digital workflow for steel fabrication and installation with the incorporation of Trimble technology. This integrated workflow has assisted in the successful growth and transformation of Watkins Steel by reducing guesswork and increasing productivity.

Among the attendees around 60% were surveyors and around 40% designers or builders. Watkins Steel was one of the only fabricating businesses to attend the conference. A testament to Watkins Steel’s forward thinking to always ensure we’re keeping up with continual changes in the industry.

Attending the conference provided Ben and Andy with a great deal of information about upcoming technologies and insight into industry peer practices. Their greatest takeaway of the conference being that Watkins Steel is at the forefront of technological innovation in relation to steel fabrication and installation.

“We can comfortably say that we are at the forward edge of technology when it comes to our Four-Stage Linked Process. There are not many people in the world doing what we’re doing.”

-Andy Irwin & Ben Yu

Highlights of the 2016 Trimble Dimensions User Conference included:

  • Trimble Connect: The latest platform for sharing not just 3D models but project documents and drawings. Trimble Connect has come a long way since it was released and is most likely to become the way of the future in terms of sharing and collaborating with project stakeholders.
  • Microsoft Hololens: An amazing piece of new technology that allows you to view and interact with 3D models using mixed reality. In collaboration with SketchUp Viewer you can view the model in a holographic life size walk through or scaled down on a tabletop. The future adoption of this technology will be great for improving the communication and collaboration process among project stakeholders.


The Trimble Dimensions User Conference stood as a success with Ben and Andy not only fulfilling their duties but getting the chance to explore Las Vegas as well!

Special thanks to Adam Bright from Building Point for introducing Watkins Steel to the Trimble Dimensions User Conference and giving us the opportunity to attend.

Check out Ben & Andy’s photos from their time at the 2016 Trimble Dimensions User Conference in Las Vegas below.

For more information on the 2016 Trimble Dimensions User Conference, visit: http://www.trimble.com/news/release.aspx?id=111116a

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